Lesson Plan on Giving Tzedakah – Designed for Teens

Prepared by Amy Newman in collaboration with Avram Mandell
Sunday, October 26, 2014

11:30-12:30 Jewish Giving lesson

11:30 11:45

Build Me a Tower

Teens will be divided into groups of 6 or 7. They will all be given identical material. Ideally, it will consist of a roll of tape, a cardboard box, art supplies – or it can just be big legos.

They will then be told “As a team, using all of the materials, build a tower as tall and as strong as you can. You will have ten minutes. Go.”

At the end of ten minutes ask them: How did it go?

Talk about how they used what they had, how they got creative…

Ask them about if they experienced any challenges.

Then the kicker. . .tell them “I never said you couldn’t work together.

I said, “As a team, using all of the materials. . .”

How could the outcome have differed if:

  • you had worked together?
  • pooled your resources?
  • worked towards a common goal?

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