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Lesson Plan on Giving Tzedakah – Designed for Teens

Prepared by Amy Newman in collaboration with Avram Mandell
Sunday, October 26, 2014

11:30-12:30 Jewish Giving lesson

11:30 11:45

Build Me a Tower

Teens will be divided into groups of 6 or 7. They will all be given identical material. Ideally, it will consist of a roll of tape, a cardboard box, art supplies – or it can just be big legos.

They will then be told “As a team, using all of the materials, build a tower as tall and as strong as you can. You will have ten minutes. Go.”

At the end of ten minutes ask them: How did it go?

Talk about how they used what they had, how they got creative…

Ask them about if they experienced any challenges.

Then the kicker. . .tell them “I never said you couldn’t work together.

I said, “As a team, using all of the materials. . .”

How could the outcome have differed if:

  • you had worked together?
  • pooled your resources?
  • worked towards a common goal?

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The Actress Mayim Bialik Posts about Tzedek America

Now that the New Year is over, let’s talk about the “gap year” because it’s been on my mind. The gap year? Yes. The gap year.

Not what you were expecting after Yom Kippur, I know. But take a listen.

What’s a gap year, you say? Well, a gap year is the time between when a teenager finishes high school and starts college. Gap year consciousness and gap year programs are becoming increasingly popular in the US. In fact, Harvard actually recommends a gap year to all incoming students, Princeton has an entire gap year department, and Tufts now offers a stipend to students who do a social justice gap year.

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