In selecting our participants, we look for high achieving, Jewish participants who have the drive and desire to change the world and thrive in our intensive program. Our application process is designed to identify participants with the potential to be leaders and effective social change agents, and who are committed to being team players.

Tzedek America is a 9-month program designed specifically for Jewish high school graduates between the ages of 18 and 20

We require that all participants:

  • Identify as Jewish or be in the process of converting to Judaism;
  • Have a high school diploma;
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 20 for the duration of the program;
  • Pass a basic physical and mental health medical screening;
  • Obtain parent or guardian permission for participation

Your level of Judaic or Hebrew Knowledge will not be assessed.

  • Communicator
    You must be able to say what you mean and express your feelings in a way that allows others to work with you. The Tzedek America program teaches effective communication skills and requires of participants that they be open to learning how to actively listen and communicate clearly.
  • Creative
    Participants should be able to think outside of the box. You should like to create with your mind, with your hands, or with your words.
  • Passionate
    You should care about something and care about it deeply. It may be about working with children, taking care of the planet, sports, or Judaism.
  • Positive Thinker
    We’re looking for people who see the glass half full or at least appreciate that there is a glass at all. In a world that is filled with shadows, Tzedek America participants shine their light in dark places.
  • Proactive
    There are two kinds of people in the world, those who are reactive and those who are proactive. Obviously, most people are a combination of the two, but Tzedek America participants might see a stick on the sidewalk and move it out of the way before anyone trips on it.
  • Respectful
    Participants must be respectful to one another, the earth, the spectrum of Jewish practices and the staff of the program. Without a foundation of respect, no positive experience can take place.
  • Team Player
    The Tzedek America program is all about group work. Our intentional community requires people who are willing to work together and support one another. Each service placement will also require team-work with volunteers from other programs.