Guatemala, Social Justice Trip

We will be based in Panajachel, Guatemala on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Panajachel is a boat ride to San Pedro, San Juan, and many other villages. Guatemala is a beautiful country and a great place to practice your Spanish. We will visit Mayan ruins and holy sites. You will experience a Mayan fire ceremony, cliff jumping, kayaking, a chocolate making class and a tour of an organic coffee collective.

Together we will learn about the social justice issues facing the country. You will study texts on fair trade while sipping on fair trade coffee at a coffee collective. You will learn about women’s empowerment while visiting a weaving cooperative. You will discuss your obligation as a Jewish America to your neighboring countries while having lunch overlooking the Lake surrounded by three volcanoes.

While living in the Guatemala, you will engage in unique volunteer projects and educational activities, giving you hands-on experience while developing skills and connections that will remain with you for a lifetime.

Participants live in a variety accommodations, from AirBNB’s to youth hostels. All this will depend on your preference and budget.

The food will be eaten at a variety of restaurants offering vegetarian options. There is no local kashrut authority and therefore products are not supervised.

Shabbat and Holidays
The program welcomes religious and non-religious participants. All of the activities organized on Shabbat or Jewish festivals are suitable for those who observe religious practices, however, each participant is free to observe Shabbat in their own way.

Each week we arrange Kabbalat Shabbat activities and share a festive meal.

Explore Guatemala
Participants will have a unique opportunity to explore the local areas and attractions, including the magical towns and villages along Lake Atitlan. In addition to the daily volunteer projects and learning components, volunteers will get a chance to explore the flavors, music and unique local culture. Tour the country, experiencing sites of historical and cultural significance, and hiking the beautiful landscapes.