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New York, United States 11105

Summer camp is an essential component of the year-round educational continuum and plays a critical role in helping children from underserved communities to thrive. SCOPE bridges the opportunity gap by making summer camp accessible to children from financially disadvantaged families.

Children receiving SCOPE camperships have opportunities to learn new skills, connect with nature, and develop a sense of independence that can only come from being away from home – these gifts help them succeed at summer camp and beyond.

Summer camp provides children with access to step outside the boundaries of their home life to…

  • LIVE in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment
  • DEVELOP new skills and explore individual interests
  • BE CHALLENGED by new experiences
  • CREATE life-long bonds of friendship and community
  • LEARN from positive adult role models
  • GAIN leadership skills and confidence

Make a difference by planning your very own fundraiser. To get started, contact Heather O’Dell at heather@scopeusa.org OR 212-627-4097 ext. 1

Contact Information
Phone: 212-627-4097