Tuition includes all meals* and housing, the full experiential program including all national travel, supplemental courses, and many additional extras. Tuition does not include transportation to and from Los Angeles from your point of origin, access to the college guidance counselor on our team, counseling, metro pass, or college credit.

The all-inclusive* full year Tzedek America tuition for the Tzedek America program is $24,500.
The all-inclusive* semester-long Tzedek America tuition for the Tzedek America program is $17,500.

(The total cost per Fellow is $34,500, but thanks to our generous donors, each Tzedek America Fellow automatically receives a tuition subsidy of $7,500)

* excluding winter and Passover vacations and free days and free choice weekends spent away from our Los Angeles base.

Financial Assistance

It is our goal to make Tzedek America available to all who want to participate. Once you complete the application process we will be happy to discuss the possibility of scholarship.

Tzedek America has a relationship with the Jewish Free Loan Association of Los Angeles. Loans up to $3500 are available for Los Angeles residents after admittance to Tzedek America.  Also available after 3-months of residency in Los Angeles.

Also , your local synagogue, JCC, Bureau of Jewish Education and/or Federation may have scholarship funds available. Call your local Jewish Federation directly to check on available funds and application procedures. We suggest calling rather than relying upon email.

Tzedek America through our relationship with will help you to start a crowd-sourcing campaign to assist in subsidizing some of the costs for your Tzedek America year.

FINANCIAL AID is available upon submission of a copy of the FAFSA form required of college financial aid applicants and a specific request from the family to Tzedek America.  Applicants requesting scholarship must apply to two different places for scholarship before applying to Tzedek America for scholarship. Funds are distributed on a first come, first served basis.  Financial aid requests are considered only AFTER a student has completed the full application process and has been admitted to the program.