Travel across the United States putting your values into action


As a Tzedek American you will spend the academic year living communally in a supportive and creative environment.


As a Tzedek American you will have two social justice internships in non-profits in Los Angeles.

Avram Mandell is the most influential teacher of Judaism and overall mentor I have ever had.

-Matthew Schulman, Emerson College Class of 2015

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Discover your passion. Explore the ideas and activities that excite you. Find out what being Jewish means to you. Spend the year with Tzedek America.

Tzedek America is a national, residential gap year experience based in Los Angeles. The nine-month program offers young adults, ages 18-20, the opportunity to grow and engage with the world before returning to academics.

Through national and international travel, social justice internships, adventure programming and shared responsibilities, you will learn valuable life skills and begin to see and experience firsthand the social, environmental and economic challenges facing the United States today.

The program teaches leadership, communication and confidence-building skills — lifelong learning tools that will help you build a successful and purposeful life while you work to make a better world. Jewish content is designed to give you the opportunity to explore and redefine your Jewish identity, both as an individual and as an American citizen.

Tzedek America seeks to engage with Jewish young adults who represent the diversity of the Jewish community, including Jews of all religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, national origins, racial and ethnic backgrounds, abilities and socioeconomic status.

Travel throughout the USA putting your values into action to make this country one that you are proud of being a part

Acquire leadership skills that enable you to be a strong planner, communicator and team leader

Make informed choices about your Judaism based on the range of what exists in Jewish life