America and Abroad

Immerse in customizable service-learning experiences from Downtown Los Angeles to villages in Guatemala – visit with philanthropic organizations, explore traditions and culture, and learn alongside local Jewish communities.

Los Angeles

Ride through Los Angeles while learning about social justice efforts. Through service work, meeting with community leaders, and exploring diverse neighborhoods, the City of Angels will bring on a new definition.

Civil Rights Trip

Civil Rights Trip

Embark on a transformative journey through the heart of the Civil Rights Movement. Explore the poignant history and immerse in pivotal sites echoing the resilience of activists who challenged systemic oppression.

Border Trip to Arizona

Visit Phoenix, Tucson, and Nogales, Arizona, on this immigration justice program. We will meet with organizations and people directly directly affected and enforcing the flow of migrants from the United States to Mexico.


Our responsibility as human beings is with our Central American neighbors in Guatemala. During this trip, we will meet with different Jewish communities, learn about the history and economy, and travel by land and sea through this colorful country

Eastern Kentucky

The Appalachian Region is oftentimes overlooked and underfunded. On this program, we will build houses and gain a greater understanding of this area in United States.

Custom Trips

Do you have a specific subject matter or location in mind? Create your dream trip alongside our expert staff.

Immigration and Refugees, A Deeper Look   
Eat at a restaurant owned by a refugees (cost of lunch not included) and hear the owner’s story, meet a DACA recipients and meet organizations doing work to help the immigrants and refugees in our country, and possibly have an encounter with an ICE agent.

Homelessness Karaoke
This Wednesday night activity is good for teenagers ages 16 years of age an older.  We visit Skid Row and participate in a karaoke experience never to be forgotten.

Supporting People Special Needs
Visit various non-profits and social enterprises that work with children and adults with varying special needs.  End the day by working alongside special needs adults while helping them sell their products on Venice Beach.

Gang Life and the Prison System  
Meet current and former gang members, learn what is being done to get gang members more productive and learn about the prison system in LA

Racial Justice
We begin our journey at the California Museum of African American Museum for a customized visit.  We will meet with people involved with Black Lives Matters and also learn about Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice which believes that all racial justice stems from economic issues.

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