A B’nai Mitzvah Program of Tzedek America


And then…


The B’nai Mitzvah process is about taking on more responsibility and connecting to the concept of mitzvot on a deeper level.

Engaging mitzvah projects for 12 year olds is increasingly challenging.

Tzedek America’s Mitzvah Project Central provides compassionate direction and support as we guide B’nai Mitzvah students through their mitzvah projects. Mitzvah Project Central motivates your students from our opening orientation session and during weekly Zoom office hours. We check-in on your students throughout their six to twelve-month process.

What we offer:

  • A curated list of local non-profit organizations which will take 12-year-olds as volunteers
  • Curated catalog of nonprofits who are interested in engaging with 12-year-olds for in-person and virtual projects
  • Online portal for students to record and Tzedek America to track their mitzvah project, hours served, money or items collected
  • Mitzvah Project Orientation
  • Weekly Zoom office hours to give individual attention to the B’nai Mitzvah students
  • Guidance for documenting and sharing the project
  • Access to “How To” video to teach how to create a fundraising campaign, if allowed by synagogue policies
  • Encouraging and supportive follow-up and follow-through reminders communication
  • Connecting students with others students who have similar interests to work in tandem
  • Monthly newsletter to families with suggestions and highlighting b’nai mitzvah project
  • Certificate of completion template to gift at your B’nai Mitzvah ceremonies

For more information, contact: info@tzedekamerica.org