Several National Service Trips Each Year

National and International Service Trips - planned by Tzedek Americans

Guatemala and Nicaragua

Safely travel to Central America and learn about the culture, the Jewish community and gain hands on experience supporting the communities in need.  All the while we will get to explore the beauty and complexity of the country.


Help with poverty alleviation in Atlanta, participate in the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival or Limmud-Atlanta and learn about the Jews of the South

New Orleans or Mississippi

Participate in Katrina Relief by helping to rebuild New Orleans and Mississippi. Learn about the Jews of the South and connect with the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience.

New York

Participate in Sandy Relief by helping to rebuild New York and New Jersey. Learn about the Jews of the East Coast and connect to the Jewish immigration story.

Colorado, Arizona, Utah or Nevada

While working on a Native American Reservation you will have the opportunity to work on environmental solutions as well as connect with members of local communities. The exciting part about these trips is that you will learn how to plan these excursions yourself. We will divide up into three teams.

Logistics Team

  • Budget for the trip
  • Negotiate prices with hotels and airlines
  • Map out the itinerary
  • Arrange local transportation
  • Arrange sleeping arrangements
  • Plan down time
  • Organize the meals

Skills Team

  • Investigate the skills we will be using on the service trip
  • Contact local skilledindividualsto teach your group the skillsi.e. gardening, dry walling, painting, tiling, carpentry
  • Learn and practice your new skills
  • Run classes for the other two teams to teach them the skills

Education Team

  • Learn how Judaism informs our choice for this particular project
  • Study what our texts say about this particular topic, project and population
  • Create lessons to teach the other two teams about that which you have learned
  • Be the teachers  by leading debriefing and study sessions during the service trip