Tzedek America transforms lives, strengthens Jewish identity and changes the world through immersive social justice experiential education.



Tzedek America program offerings: 


  • A semester and year-long residential gap year, for ages 17-20, in asking and answering vital questions about their Jewish identities
  • National and international service learning trips for teenagers, young adults, and mature adults
  • Overnight Social Justice Summer Camp programs for high school students
  • 1 to 4-day Jewish social justice Los Angeles experiences
  • Mitzvah Project Missions for 7th Grade Students
  • College alternative spring break trips
  • Food justice trips in and around Los Angeles and throughout Southern California


Questions we ponder during every experience:

  • Why is social justice critical for the Jew in America?
  • What is unique about the Jewish experience in North America?
  • What practices and affiliations are available to Jewish adults in communities across the U. S.?
  • What does Judaism mean to me?
پاکستان میں بہترین بک میکر – Mostbet –