You choose the city and we’ll arrange the trip. From transportation, lodging, social justice projects and entertainment. Our staff will accompany you on the trip and provide hands-on social justice projects and lead text studies and debriefs throughout the journey. We currently have staff members in San Francisco, Baltimore, Seattle, and Boston.


  • Gain an appreciation for the Jewish of the city of your choosing
  • Understand the migration of Jews to this city
  • Enjoy the excitement of the city
  • Learn about non-profits in this city and how they make a difference


  • Participants will be exposed to at least two non-profits in this city
  • Participants will meet unique Jewish individuals who will share their story and involvement
  • Participants will eat foods uniquely sold in in this city
  • Participants will have opportunities to see interesting sites related to this city in general and Jewish sites of this city
  • Participants will volunteer their time to help others

Participants can stay in a variety of hotels and potentially college dorms depending on the dates.

Options range from Sprinter Limo, Yellow School Bus or Public transportation. Each option will be considered based on group size, type of activities and budget.

Breakfast can be hotel continental, a variety of restaurant or cold options delivered by the Tzedek America staff.

Lunch can be on your own, a variety of restaurants or sandwiches made in the morning.

Dinner can be on your own or at a variety of restaurants kosher or not.

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