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PO Box 5591, North Hollywood, California, United States 91616

Donating leftover food from sets has never been easier.

You give us the call sheet; we’ll do the rest!

We work seamlessly with each production to arrange a stealthy, no-fuss pickup of your excess meals – around the clock, 24/7. We work all shifts: breakfast, lunch, even 3rd meal.

We’re always in need of meal reallocators on the road, help with our internal and online social media operations, emergency care kit assembly assistance, and so much more. Are you a cook? Have access to a large kitchen? In addition to our daily meal reallocation effort; we proudly host an annual Thanksgiving community cooking event. Experience in nonprofit event planning? We host numerous in-person fundraisers each year as well as an annual Gala, with auction, each spring. With over 66,000 unhoused in LA and 1 in 4 households struggling with food insecurity, we graciously accept any time you are willing to donate helping others.

Every Day Action’s reallocators are a team of volunteers and independent contractors who pick up surplus food from donors across LA, and deliver the fresh delicious meals to those in need. They work all hours of the day, night and weekends; some volunteering their time entirely.

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