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7412 FULTON AVE #3, North Hollywood, California, United States 91605

Food Forward is a nonprofit organization that brings fresh surplus fruits and vegetables to people experiencing food insecurity across 8 counties in Southern California and tribal lands in Arizona and New Mexico.

We’ve been on a mission to fight hunger and reduce food waste since 2009, and with the help of supporters like you, we will create a future where everyone in our communities has access to healthy produce.

Covid Protocols: 

Read our COVID-19 protocols below, and complete this one-time form confirming that you will follow them

Chaperone Presence:
At this time parents need to work with their kids due to COVID-19.
Please note: Each person you plan to volunteer with must complete the COVID-19 form AND register via the volunteer calendar. Otherwise, they won’t be able to volunteer if they show up.
What will I be doing?
Volunteers harvest fruit in their neighborhoods, collect surplus produce from local farmers markets, and support our work in many creative ways.

We are thrilled that you are interested in volunteering with us! Please note that Food Forward has limited volunteer opportunities during the pandemic, and we may not have events available near you. Below are the required steps for each person (including children) to register for a volunteer event.

Contact Information
Phone: 818.764.1022