Ft Lauderdale or San Diego

Service Learning Cruise

You and your group will set sail on a 4 or 7-day cruise. There will be hands-on cultural activities on-shore, customized enrichment programming on-board, meaningful moments of connection and having a lot of fun along the way. It’s a beautiful, meaningful and challenging way to vacation.

At each port city we will learn about the local culture, volunteer at a school, an orphanage, a community center.  Activities might include beach cleanup, building a home, painting a school, or building furniture.

Together we will learn about the social justice issues facing the ports we enter.  You will study Jewish texts, you will learn about women’s empowerment, you will visit various non-profits and social enterprises addressing the issues facing the cities we visit.

Whether the Caribbean or Mexico, you will both enjoy beautiful destinations as well as offer your hearts and hands to come alongside the people in the places we visit.

Participants sleep on the cruise ship.  We mainly partner with Princess and Holland Cruise Lines.

This is a legitimate cruise ship with restaurants and buffets as you would expect on a cruise ship.  We will eat all of our meals together as a group.

Shabbat and Holidays
The program welcomes religious and non-religious participants. All of the activities organized on Shabbat or Jewish festivals are suitable for those who observe religious practices, however, each participant is free to observe Shabbat in their own way.

Each week we arrange Kabbalat Shabbat activities and share a festive meal.