Immigration and Refugee Social Justice Trip

Arizona has historically taken in more refugees than all but just a handful of other states, despite the efforts of lawmakers to change that.

At the end of the Obama administration, anywhere from 300 to 500 refugees were arriving in Arizona each month, with the majority coming from Cuba, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In January, that number was cut in half. And it’s continued dropping ever since. In April, only 87 new refugees arrived in Arizona — a huge drop from October 2016, when 547 people fleeing civil war, famine, or persecution in their home countries were resettled here.


  • Gain an appreciation for Jewish Phoenix and Western Judaism
  • Understand the involvement of NGO’s in supporting immigrants and refugees in our country
  • Learn the immigration is a political footbal and the people who suffer are the people trying to come to our country for legitimate reasons
  • Learn from individuals who are affected by the immigration laws in our country


  • Participants will be exposed to at least two non-profits in Phoenix with the immigratn and refugee populations
  • Participants will meet unique individuals who will share their story and involvement
  • Participants will celebrate Shabbat with the Jewish community of Phoenix
  • Participants will eat at a restaurant run by refugees
  • Participants will have opportunities to see interesting sites in Phoenix
  • Participants will volunteer their time to help others
  • Participants will have fun participating in a social activitiy.

Participants can stay in a variety of hotels and/or AirBNB’s depending on the preference of the group.
Options range from Sprinter Limo, Yellow School Bus or Public transportation. Each option will be considered based on group size, type of activities and budget.

Breakfast can be hotel continental, a variety of restaurant or cold options delivered by the Tzedek America staff.

Lunch can be on your own, a variety of restaurants or sandwiches made in the morning.

Dinner can be on your own or at a variety of restaurants kosher or not.